CRM Settings

The CRM Settings screen inside of TealCRM is where you can configure your CRM to your organization.

CRM Settings Overview Page

Check the Getting Started page for a video that provides details on how this page can be updated.

The first CRM Settings tab allows you to update organizational information.  This information is also passed back to TealCRM for billing and contact purposes as well.

Site ID This is your unique identifier, as well as your subdomain to access Teal CRM (
Business Name This is the name of your business.  You can include an incorporated name or trade name here.
Billing Email Address This is the email that your payments receipts are sent to.
Address 1 This would be the street address that you reside on (123 Road SE).
Address 2 Specify a Unit, Apt or Box number.
Country Select the country that you reside in.  We use this for tax purposes as well.
City The city that your business is based out of.
Province/State: For Canadian customers we require the province in order to determine taxation if required.
Postal Code
Timezone This is Timezone is configured for the entire site.  When a user is logged in they will be assigned this timezone.  Multiple timezones isn’t currently supported.