The Deals module allows you to manage and view deals that are associated to an account within Teal as well as the ability to create a new Deal.

Viewing List of Deals

The Deals page shows you a list of all accounts within TealCRM.

Deals List View

You have the ability to check multiple deal opportunities at once to perform a mass update, a Name column displaying the name of the deal, the Account that the deal is associated with, the Value of the opportunity, the current Sales Stage of that deal, the Expected Close Date, and an Actions column.

In the Actions column you have the ability to edit the deals record by clicking on the blue pencil icon pencil or deleting the record by clicking on the blue “X” icon delete.

Viewing Deal Records


To view more information about a deal/opportunity record, simply click on the name of the deal that’s displayed in blue.


You will then be brought in to the deals record page where you can view more information about the opportunity such as the value of the proposed deal, the expected close date, probability rate, the next step, who the deal is assigned to inside of Teal, and who created that opportunity record. You also have the ability to view the modules that have record information relating to that deal, and an Activity Feed where you can post updates for others to view regarding the opportunity.