The People module (or sometimes referred to as Contacts) are the actual individuals that you deal with on a regular basis.  The Company module is all about the “corporate entity” or organization itself whereas the Person record is all about the individual including things such as their birthday.

Contact Type You can select either Customer or Prospect to classify your Person. This helps manage the leads inside of your CRM.
Lead Source How did your prospects hear about you? This is a great way to track marketing effectiveness.


Adding a Person

You can add a person either through the List View or by hovering over the People menu item and clicking on Add New Person.

Editing a Person

When you need to update information on a company all you need to do is either search or find the record in the CRM.  From the view menu you can click on the Edit Person button or look for the pencil pencil icon throughout the List Views to edit a record.

Deleting a Person

You can either delete a company record from a List View or by clicking the down arrow inside of the View of the person record.  Anytime you go to delete a record you will be prompted with the following warning:

Unnamed image (2)

Be careful as once you delete a record it cannot be recovered.