User Settings

The User Settings section is specific to each User Account inside of TealCRM.  Each user can tailor their information specific to their own preferences.

Profile Settings

Profile settings are where you can update personal information.

Profile Photo You can upload an image in either JPG or PNG format.  This will be displayed in the upper right corner of your TealCRM instance as well as throughout Activity Feeds.
Username This is your login name for TealCRM.  It can only be changed by an Administrator inside of User Management.
First Name & Last Name This should reflect your first and last name.
Email Address Notifications and password resets are sent to this email address.
Email Sending Option You can either use your external email client (such as Outlook) or utilize TealCRM’s internal messaging system to send emails from TealCRM to contacts inside of Teal.

Change Password


Click on the Change Password menu link which will then bring you over to the Change Password page.


On this page you will need to type out your old (current) password that you use to log in to TealCRM with along with a new password that you will need to insert twice for confirmation.