A few weeks ago I made the announcement on here that I would be opening up TealCRM for the public.  I am pretty excited to announce that TealCRM 1.0 is now available through GitHub.  This is a huge milestone for me.  Earlier this month, my company Eligeo and I decided to open source TealCRM.  This is a fully functional small business CRM designed to provide the minimalist needs for most small businesses.

The future of TealCRM is going to be a busy one.  The code is a bit out dated and needs a bit of some tough loving care but that will come with time.  I’m currently working on a roadmap on where to take this project but I do know there will be several themes around code re-factoring, database improvements, security enhancements and much more.

What TealCRM “isn’t”

If you know me, you know I’m a big fan of SugarCRM, Salesforce and other more mainstream CRM products.  These products are incredible advanced, powerful and capable solutions.  I never aspire for TealCRM to compete with these products or even other open source systems like SuiteCRM – it just doesn’t make sense for small business.

TealCRM isn’t an advanced CRM.  It will be what it is.  A simple, modern, minimalistic CRM designed with small business in my mind.  I really believe this is a great gift for small businesses and will improve over time.

What TealCRM “is”

This is the fun part.  TealCRM is a minimalistic approach to CRM designed for small business.  We don’t want to over complicate things but rather create a CRM that any small business would love to have in their organization.  If you’re looking for layered role management, advanced workflow, SQL querying, integrations with enterprise software….etc, you’re in the wrong spot.

TealCRM is minimalistic.  It’s for small business.

How you can help

If you’re a developer, tester or just a regular person that loves tech with an interest in helping out – then please reach out.  My goal is to build a community of small businesses around TealCRM and that will include many people with varying skillsets and ideas.  Definitely reach out to me on Twitter at @derekmajor.

Getting started

You can get started by heading over to GitHub and downloading TealCRM.  You can also check out the demo to see what it’s like to use TealCRM.