My goal is to get TealCRM 1.1 ready for a September release.  I figure in the next week or two I’ll be done with the alpha release which will mean that the features and enhancements that I’ve built for 1.1 are complete.  We will just need to work out the bugs in the wild a bit before formally release this version to the public.

I’ve already started thinking about how to roll this out to everyone.  I want to encourage people to use TealCRM because I think this upcoming version is going to be extremely powerful for the average small business or small organization.  It’s going to be highly customizable, flexible, configurable and ready to be used.

When we closed down the Saas version of Teal over a year ago, we had over 300+ people signed up for Teal and using it regularly.  Our business model with it wasn’t great – it was freemium without any way to generate revenue.  Now, the plan isn’t for Teal to be a money maker.  I am truly treating this like a gift for small business.  I’ve always wanted to be able to help but I know that many of the products out there just don’t seem to fit for many companies.  I’m hoping to change that with the open source nature of TealCRM.

I’m plugging away and looking at ways that even Eligeo (my company) can contribute to this project to keep it going too.  I think there is a lot of value in building this tool out.

Stay tuned for September.  My development notes and thoughts will be moved into a blog section to make way for a real product page.  Either way, thanks for tuning in on this new adventure.