I started my company Eligeo in 2008 with the goal of helping small businesses with technology.  Over the years the businesses has morphed quite a bit to the point where today it is a very well run CRM consulting business.  The company works a lot with small to mid-market clients and does very well at it.  In Canada, where I live in Vancouver, has a huge number of small businesses under 10 employees.  I think that a lot of the CRM’s available today such as Salesforce, Sugar and many others just don’t fit the bill for these smaller enterprises (see, you ARE an enterprise too!).  This is where TealCRM comes into play.

I don’t think I would have attempted to build a CRM from scratch today so I’m fortunate that we have our source code from TealCRM ready to go with Version 1.0.  There really is a lot of CRM options out there but I hear the same complaint over and over again that the “boutique” CRM’s out there are gimmicky, restricted freemium offerings, lack of features, lack of customization options and much more.  TealCRM will address this.

If you’re using TealCRM or have in the past, you will know Teal suffers from some of those things too.  By releasing it open source though, it’s a big free for all now.  I really am delivering on the vision I had when I started Eligeo in 2008.  I really really want to help small business and organizations succeed big time with CRM.  My hope is that organizations find TealCRM, find people to help them tailor to meet their needs and take their organizations to the next level.  In Canada, we suck at adopting technology properly in our businesses.  The numbers are staggering when compared to the United States.  We can do better.  This is my small contribution to that effort.