It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on here.  My “real” job has kept me fairly busy on things so TealCRM has been on the back burner a bit.  I’m hoping over the next few weeks to actually release Version 1.1.  Most of the backend re-work is completed and I’m simply porting over the modules into the new system along with cleaning up a few things like language and configuration tools.  There’s plenty on the list but I think I’ll finally be able to put some time to it.

I’m very excited about the possibilities of this version of Teal.  The system is so incredibly flexible that we should be able to deploy fairly simple applications using the new backend configuration I’ve built out.  My vision for Teal is that it will be easy to use and easy to configure for small business.  I think that’s being achieved with the architecture design I’ve built for it.

I’m looking forward to getting it out into your hands!

Stay tuned.