Since TealCRM was upgraded to CodeIgniter 3.x, there’s been a lot of patch work on an existing authentication system that we’ve used inside of TealCRM.  The add-on is called FlexiAuth and it’s old.  It hasn’t really been maintained in a number of years and we’ve forked a completely different direction.  As we’re working through Version 1.1 this has continued to be a nagging issue.  So I think I’ve decided today that since TealCRM only utilizes about 5% of what FlexiAuth does, I’m simply pulling the plug out and adding in a purpose built TealCRM authentication system.

Why? Well, the amount of time I’ve spent on it I could have probably written this over and over again a couple of times.  I also think that by building from scratch we’re preparing ourselves to introduce more comprehensive ACL additions to TealCRM in the future and we’ll take advantage of what CodeIgniter 4.x offers us as well as that becomes a full release.

As for expected release, we’re plugging away.  I’m looking for freelancers to help us get across the finish line and in some cases, paid work but hopefully we can find those that are interested in participating in building a unique small business database solution that is light weight and easy to use.