Well, almost.  I spent this past weekend getting our old Flexi Auth authentication library pulled out of TealCRM and brought in Ben Edmunds Ion Auth library for user authentication.  When I wrote about the issues with porting Flexi Auth into CodeIgniter 3.x last week, I felt like maybe the approach was to move towards our own system.  That changed as I looked more at what Ion Auth provide and the fact that Ben (who I don’t know personally) is heavily involved with the CI project, it only made a lot of sense.

We’re definitely not using the full set of features that the library provides.  We replaced what Flexi gave us with the intent to offer more security / role management options in the future.  TealCRM is being built specifically for small business so the need for extreme role management isn’t as necessary.  As we progress on releases in the coming months I’m sure there will be more updates to come along with user authentication.

Now that user authentication is sorted, I can continue on with the development work to improving the main App controller for TealCRM.  We’re not far off from release and it’s shaping up to be extremely exciting with a number of ideas I have in play for this enhanced version of TealCRM.