Company & People Profiles

TealCRM has an easy to use interface that let’s you track information about the companies that you deal with the people that belong to those companies.  You can create custom fields to track specific information on these records and also add messages to the feeds of each record to keep everybody up to date on the latest communications between each party.

TealCRM was designed to be easy and quick to pick up and use.  TealCRM makes it a piece of cake to get your information into the system and start using it right away.  Whether you’re looking to track information about your customers or create the next great proposal, we’ve got you covered.

Visual Sales Pipeline & Proposals

The Visual Sales Pipeline is a sales manager’s dream.  Visually see where all of your Deals are sitting in the pipeline and move them around as you close and progress those deals.  TealCRM comes with a proposal manager out of the box so that you can create product lists and create beautiful PDF proposals to send to your customers.

Full Feature List

  • Company Tracking
  • Person/Individual Tracking
  • Activity Tracking & history
  • Project Management Tool
  • Notes
  • Task Management
  • Meetings
  • Prospecting Tracking
  • Deal Tracking
  • Visual Sales Pipeline
  • Proposal Management
  • Product List Manager
  • Custom Quotes Templates
  • Email Integration
  • MailChimp Integration
  • CSV Data Export
  • Custom List Views
  • Unlimited Custom Data Fields
  • Configurable Drop Down Lists
  • Activity Feeds
  • Dashboards